With temperatures falling, the reduction of ticks and leaves changing color, fall is a great time to hit the trails on your mountain bike (or trail running if that is what you are in to). Trail conditions can be more favorable for riding too, as the air is drier and tends to retain moisture better. This is where the term “hero dirt” comes in to play. Hero dirt has good traction and Oklahoma trails are full of hero dirt during these months. It is important to layer your clothing for riding during the fall months. Fall also means the trails are less crowded and night rides begin with the shorter fall days. Our personal favorite trails for night riding are at Lake Stanley Draper. Below, lists their recommendations for the 9 best mountain bike lights for night rides. Any of our great local bike shops can help with the right gear.


The 9 Best Bike Lights for Night Riding




Bummed about the midweek holiday?  Is it messing up normal lake or travel and celebration plans?  Yeah, we thought the same thing!  After accepting this cruel fact and looking at scheduled activities around the State, it seems this odd holiday allows for a longer celebration of the 4<sup>th</sup>.  LibertyFest in Edmond started on June 23<sup>rd</sup>.  The link below provides readers a full list of events to attend starting on June 29<sup>th</sup> and going all the way to July 4<sup>th</sup>.  So thanks midweek holiday, for allowing us to celebrate our independence for SIX DAYS.  Enjoy and stay safe! 








June 19, 2018


Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship and Celestial Cycles have teamed up to put on a grassroots summer endurance race series at three mountain biking venues in Oklahoma.  Each event will be in a 4-hour format, have a lemans start, and will have series points with a final cash payout at the final race.  The three venues and dates are Lake Stanley Draper mountain bike trails on June 23rd, the Lake Murray mountain bike trails on July 14th, and the Roman Nose State Park mountain bike trails on August 11th.  There are six different race categories, so there is something for everyone.  For more information check out the Moonshine Madness Endurance Race Series Facebook Page or contact Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship at (405) 506-4OEF.



June 19, 2018


The Tour of Payne is a scenic bicycle tour through Payne County highways offering choices of 16, 34, or 62-mile distances.  This mass start ride starts at the Payne County Expo Center east of Stillwater on July 1st.  The evening before a free pasta dinner will be served at packet pick up.  Tent and RV camping will be available the night before at the Expo Center and showers are available after the event.  This is great training for the Hotter than Hell event coming up on August 23rd.  For more information and to register, click on the link below.



April 9, 2018

As the Mountain Bike Club of the Wichitas puts yesterday’s Fools Dozen race behind them, organizers of the Lake Ponca trails Bolder Bash and the Keystone Dam Race gear up for the next 2 races in the Oklahoma Tour de Dirt mountain bike racing series.  The Bolder Bash will be held at Lake Ponca Mountain Bike Trails in Ponca City on Sunday April 15.  The Keystone Dam race will be held at the Keystone Trails located East of Keystone State Park just south of the Dam on Highway 151.   Both trails are considered “technical” due to the rocks, unless you are a mountain goat!

Boulder Bash 2018

Keystone Dam Race 2018





April 7, 2018

Yukon’s BMX Raceway is hosting a FREE open house Wednesday, April 11th.    If you have ever been curious about the sport of BMX or want to observe and show your support, this is a good time to do it. The Yukon BMX track has been in existence for several years, has great reviews and people travel from around the State, even United States.  The raceway hosts year-round events, clinics and races.  The track is located at 411 N. 11th Street in Yukon, OK



April 8, 2018

A week full of fun outdoor activities, conservation education and team building is in store for up to 35 lucky teens selected to attend the 20th annual Wildlife Youth Camp. Applications are now being accepted for this summer's once-in-a-lifetime event.  The camp coordinator is game warden and the camp will be held at the University of Oklahoma Biological Station at Lake Texoma June 24-29, 2018.  Applicants must be Oklahoma residents 14-16 years old as of June 24th. The application and instructions can be found on their event website.  This is a great opportunity and gives youth a chance to explore the possibility of future in wildlife management.

Fools Dozen Mountain Bike Race

April 4, 2018

Mountain Bike Club of the Wichitas hosts Fools Dozen Mountain Bike Race Weekend in Medicine Park

Mountain Bike race teams and individual racers will start arriving in Medicine Park on Friday, April 6th for their annual Fools Dozen Mountain Bike Race.  The race takes place on Sunday the 8th however the mountain bike club is known to host a full fun weekend for racers, teams and their supporters with a Friday night fun ride ending at the Tavern.  This Friday, local musician Hosty will perform at the Tavern on Friday. Saturday the group will host all day fun events for prizes such as the King of the Hill Climb, Street Drag Races and a Super D.  Saturday night Cade Roth and the Black Sheep band will take the Main Stage.  Registration for the Sunday race, which is the 4th race in Oklahoma’s Tour de Dirt mountain bike race series, starts at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday.  Photos courtesy of Mountain Bike Club of the Wichitas.

Redbud Classic

April 3, 2018

Oklahoman’s have big hearts and never fail to amaze when it comes to giving.  This is especially true each year at the Redbud Classic.  Beginning in 1983, the first event brought over 1,000 participants.  Thirty-Five years later, the Redbud Classic has drawn more than 200,000 registrants and has added several events that include a baby stroller derby.  This event has been listed by “Runner’s World Magazine” as one of the top 75 running events in the country.  Photos courtesy of


Hummingbirds - Update

If you like hummingbirds and try to attract them, now is the time to take action.  Following the website Hummingbird Central (link below), we have been anxiously tracking their arrival for a couple of weeks.  Two most common hummingbird types in Oklahoma are the ruby-throated and the black-chinned.  Their diet primarily consists of insects, sap, and nectar.  UPDATE:  According to the Hummingbird Central website, hummingbirds are now being spotted throughout Oklahoma as of 4/2/18.

Oklahoma City Marathon

April 2, 2018

In its seventeenth year, this year’s Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is more than just running.  This run celebrates life and is more about the human spirit.  Its inaugural race in 2001 was just shy of 5,000 entrants, and now hosts over 24,000 runners and walkers from many states and countries.  The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum is the sole beneficiary of the marathon proceeds and is the Memorial’s largest fundraiser.  Whether or not you have run a marathon before, we all have our own preference when it comes to training for an endurance event. While there are tons of programs and apps, nothing beats accountability with training groups! The Oklahoma City Landrunners and Red Coyote have started their programs for the OKC Marathon, and it is not too late to get involved!  There are many ways to get involved as shown in the n

Dark Ages Return to Norman

April 2, 2018

Who doesn’t like ax throwing and meat pies?  The 42nd annual Medieval Fair, also referred to as a living history fair, returns to Norman, April 6-8th in Reaves Park.  The State’s largest weekend event brings one of a kind entertainment to large crowds such as The Human Chess Game, live mermaids, knighting, jesters and birds of prey.  Over 200 artisans from around the world offer handmade one-of-a-kind wares.  You will also find good food and their famous root beer. Photo courtesy of

Oklahoma City Metro Embracing Cycling

March 21, 2018

If you were born here any time prior to 2000, you would have not ever imagined that Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas would be home to 10 interconnected trails that takes cyclists, walkers and runners to almost every point in the City.  The idea was born from past Mayor Mick Cornett’s determination to make Oklahoma City a more fit and healthy city on New Year’s Eve of 2007.  News OK Article

Oklahoma City Dodgers Kick Off Season with Fan Fest

March 20, 2018

In 2014, the Oklahoma City Dodgers, a minor league AAA affiliate to the L.A. Dodgers, made a Big Fly (means ‘home run’ in Baseball S’Language) in coming to Oklahoma City. The local fan base and ticket sales continue to grow each year.  Once you get inside the ballpark, the Dodger experience is great family fun.  There are many ticket options and packages, as well as many food options and entertainment.   The Oklahoma City Dodgers will be hosting their annual Fan Fest on March 31st.  This free event includes an Easter Egg Hunt, Dodger Dog eating contest, and a home run derby.  OKC Dodgers 


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